Our usual routine…

So some people recently have been asking me about Henry’s routine what time he gets up, goes too sleep nap times etc so I thought I would give you guys an idea with a basic normal routine for us…

0630/7/730 Henry wakes up we get up go downstairs I get him a banana or some fruit and put channel 5 on for milkshake tv while I clean Henry’s bottles from the night before

8/830 Henry has his morning bottle of milk and nappy change

9/10 we get dressed for the day, usually ready too leave the house but 1030/11

1030/11 we usually go out or start whatever we have planned for the day depending on what we have planned Henry usually naps in the car. When we are home all day he usually naps around 1130/12 for around 1 and a half hours but when we are out it differs as he sleeps in the car all the time.

12/1230 lunchtime

1400 Henry may want another bottle of milk

1500 we are usually home at this point so this is where I get him an activity too do while I start prepping what we are going too have for tea that night

1530/1600 more play time, daddy comes home around 430

1700 usually tea time around 5 half 5

1800 bath time, get his night bottles prepared, changed and ready for bed

1900 bed time story

1915 bed time (In our bed) I need some help with transition in too his own cot 17 months on it’s our own fault but I don’t know how too do it without breaking his heart.

As mentioned this is a basic routine for us I work 2 days a week so his routine is different those days, and some daysbwe go out others we don’t.

Thanks for reading any comments on how too get Henry in his own bed would be welcomed with open arms

-amy x


My hopes and dreams for the future…

Sometimes I struggle too think about what I truly want in the future for not only myself but for my family.

I guess the number one this that I hope and dream for is financial stability, mostly because I’m being completely honest right now things suck financially, we struggle monthly too do everything like paying bills, going places, eating. People always tell us too claim benefits but literally we are entitled too absolutely no help what so ever. We have looked in too everything but it just hasn’t worked out for us. Don’t get me wrong I never want too claim benefits and live off the taxpayer I hate people that do this it frustrates me so much, but a little help would go a long way for us right now.

Me and Ryan both work, Ryan full time and me only 2 days a week but anymore than that I would have too pay childcare which would leave us in a worse situation financially. I am so blessed that at the moment my mum watches Henry for me the two days a week that I work.

Another major dream I have is for us too be able too actually buy a house. Renting isn’t for me we have had bad luck in renting we currently pay £610 a month too live in a house that is awful it’s covered in mould and we have the worst landlord in the world. They don’t want too fix any problems. Roll on June when our contract is over.

Another baby? That is a hope and dream for me, I want another baby hopefully this year but anywhere in the future would be perfect I want my babies close in age… however i worry about this too after losing my first baby at the age of 21 at 25 weeks pregnant the day after my 21st birthday. So for me this makes the thought of pregnancy stressful and I have high risk consultant led pregnancies.

Anyways that’s a few of my hopes for the future not necessarily 2019 but for the near future I hope.

Amy Xo

Christmas was magical

So it was Henry’s second Christmas this year, and although he doesn’t really understand the concept of Christmas and Santa we had a lovely day. It was lovely too see Henry’s excited face when we took him downstairs and he saw all his presents.

Henry got spoilt rotten by my family like always and he even still has presents too unwrap. Not that Christmas is about receiving presents and when Henry is old enough too understand I will be teaching him the story of what Christmas is really about, and the giving is what counts.

I hope everyone had a lovely day celebrating.

Amy Xo

Terrible 2’s at 15 months?


Terrible two’s have hit early Henry is 15 months and honestly has the worst tantrums, I would say 80% of the time he’s fine nice behaviour, chatty and all round happy. But… When he gets grumpy that’s it, full blown tantrums, shouting screaming hitting trying too bite. Anyone have any helpful tips on how too deal with this for a first time mama?

Thanks in advance

Amy xo

My darling Henry

Too my beautiful baby boy Henry I cannot believe that today you are 15 months old, I can’t believe how fast these 15 months have gone. I can’t believe how much you have grown and changed and just how much you have impacted my life, honestly I never thought I could love someone the way I love you. I would do absolutely everything in the world for you and too make you happy, thankyou for choosing me too be your mother, I’m sure your big brother in heaven had something too do with it.

I will be forever thankful for you, I love you so much and I hope I can make you proud.

I love you baby boy, always love mama X

My mum

The biggest thing I didn’t realise when I became a mum is how much I would need my own mum.

She is amazing and I am so so thankful for everything she does for me and Henry how much she has taught me about being a mother, and how much Henry loves her.

Now me and my mum haven’t always been close we used too argue loads and In all honesty I was awful too her I never used too spend time or talk too her. Now I see her nearly every day Henry adores her, she looks after him twice a week while I work I could not appreciate this woman any more she is amazing.

So I wanted too post this too say thankyou for being incredible I love you mum Xo

Parenting with anxiety and OCD

Well I thought it was time I shared my experience of parenting whilst suffering from anxiety and OCD.

Parenting is hard, it’s not an easy job too do it’s rewarding and i don’t ever regret becoming a parent but it’s hard. But parenting while suffering from anxiety is even harder, I have never admitted this before too anyone not friends and only my mum and Ryan knows this but I suffer pretty badly with social anxiety. It means I find making plans hard, I don’t like going out too crowded places and I struggle pretty badly with even the thought of going out of the house sometimes. It was a lot worse when I first had Henry but it’s getting better i try too take Henry out at least twice or three times a week too socialise him with you get children and with other people in general. I try too do this because I don’t want too pass my worry or anxietys on too Henry.

Whereas when I first had Henry I didn’t like leaving the house I was worried everyone would share at me because of how I looked after having Henry, where ilas in reality people were staring at my beautiful New born and not how I looked.

OCD I struggle pretty bad some days with this, I like things being tidy constantly with a toddler this is challenging as you can imagine, I have only just started letting Henry feed himself because of the mess this causes in the house. I need the house too be tidy constantly, I struggle with things like brushing my teeth I do that at least 7 times a day I was my hands constantly or if I’m out I have hand sanitizer on me all the time. These behaviours aren’t as bad anymore since I have realised they aren’t necessary normal and some says no can get away with brushing my teeth twice a day etc.. but some days I’m not afraid too say I do struggle.

I know some of you may read this and this what are you on about these aren’t even bad and people have them worse I am aware of that but these thing affect my life daily.

We’re back…

So after a long few months break from blogging I’m back, I have been so busy what with going back too work and trying too juggle my time between that and feeling guilty about leaving Henry I just haven’t felt like I had the time.

But Henry is sleeping so I thought it would be a good time for a few life updates.

Henry is 14 months now he had a lovely first birthday and got absolutely spoilt rotten, hes changing so much he’s starting too talk, he constantly dances, laughs, plays hes just always on the go.

He loves his nana and pops, as soon as he sees them he has a huge smile on his face, hes just amazing he’s a beautiful little boy 😍

Recently I started back at work just part time doing 2 days a week which is lovely being back seeing people from work. The guilt of leaving him though is awful I hate leaving him, although he is with his nana and he adores her.

I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!! Any idea on what too get a 1 year old?

Anyway I hope all of you are well.

Amy xo

Torn between 2 simple things.

Hello too my lovely readers I hope that you are all well, as you can see from the title I am slight torn. I don’t know what too do you see Henry is coming up too 8 months old this month and he is still in our room… fine with me I LOVE him being here with me and being close, however would it be better for him too be in his own room now? Would he sleep better? Would he hate it? I just don’t know what too do.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from anyone

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